Why Are So Many High School Students Dropping out before Graduation

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What makes all of this so difficult is that while attending high school, children are still young teenagers and not fully developed adults with a rational sense of thinking and thus tend to make decisions that prove to be bad for them. They become involved in many activities that negatively affect their lives and often have trouble meeting people and retaining friends. Moreover, the pressure provided by teachers at school is also a lot more because children are taught to prepare for college, being on the brink of the same, and a great deal is expected out of them from their parents as well as teachers. Amongst all this chaos, many high school children find it very difficult to understand what they want and they begin to lose their voices in the sea of complaints and suggestions from everyone around them. All of this tends to make them feel inadequate and they begin to doubt their capabilities of making it big later in life, so do all these factors make children in high schools desire to drop out of high school before graduation?According to the Department of Education in America, it has been found out that almost 31% of high school children have been found dropping out of high schools. (Convissor, Kate) This problem is prevalent not only in public schools but also the private ones, where more pressure is exerted on the child to excel and do brilliantly, even if it may not be a part of his potential. There are a number of reasons why young children of the age of merely fifteen and sixteen, no longer desire to be part of high school. Some say that they are tired of going to school because of their peers. A number of children get bullied by others in high school and are terrified of going to classes and thus opt to drop out in order to avoid confrontation with others. This is a very grave issue because children need to be disciplined and anti-ragging and bullying campaigns should become a part of schools in order to assist students in living within a safe and healthy environment during their time in school.