Which Of The Following Two Individuals Are Responsible For The Theory Of Natural Selection As A Mechanism Of

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Which of the following two individuals are responsible for the Theory of Natural Selection as a mechanism of

Evolution? (be sure to mark two for full credit)

Group of answer choices

Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck

Gregor Mendel

Thomas Malthus

Henry David Thoreau

Alfred Wallace

Charles Darwin

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Question 3

A __________________ is a random heritable change in DNA

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Question 4

Evolution is a change in the genetic makeup of populations over time

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Question 5

What is the main difference between primary succession and secondary succession?

Group of answer choices

Primary succession begins with the formation of soil from parent material while secondary succession has soil already present

Primary succession begins with large plants like trees while secondary succession begins with shrubs

Secondary succession begins with formation of soils from parent material while primary succession begins with soil

Secondary succession occurs quickly while primary succession is very slow

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Question 6

Which of the following assumptions is NOT a criteria for the process of Natural Selection?

Group of answer choices

Traits must be heritable

More offspring are produced than can survive

There are a variety of traits possible

There is differential reproduction

There must be a small, observable population

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Question 7

The movement of genes genes from one generation to the next or from one region to another

Group of answer choices

genetic drift

gene flow

natural selection


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Question 8

Survival of the fittest meant to Darwin that those individuals best able to survive a cold winter, for example, would leave less offspring than those organisms that entered a dormant condition in winter.

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