Whether Green Marketing Is a Fad and Will Vanish over the Period of Time

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Some of the techniques and tools used by marketers were based upon the notion of fear and guilt. Apart from this the actual reasons as to why the consumers started to prefer such a product is another important question to be answered. Despite its overall appeal, green marketing is still considered as one of the hottest and debatable issues with advocates from both sides providing their own arguments in favor of each alternative. Over the period of time, it has been observed that green marketing as the primary sales pitch is on the decline and consumers are not actually giving more preferences to the products marketed by using green marketing tools and techniques. (J. Ottman 2011) Green marketing is relatively different from traditional marketing because it is only limited to the marketing of products and services which are environment-friendly and are targeted at a particular market. Green marketing as such therefore must two important criteria of the improved environment as well as customer satisfaction. (Ottman, Stafford and Hartman 2006) It is important to understand that no product or service has a zero impact on the environment, however, it is generally accepted that those products and services which actually protect the environment by reducing or conserving the use of energy and other resources. It is therefore generally believed that the environment-friendly products must improve the productivity of natural resources and improve their competitiveness and life. It is therefore critical to accept that green marketing poses a credible threat to conventional marketing because it directly challenges the way products and their marketing was viewed in the past.