Where Does California and New York Stand on Samesex Marriage

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Moreover, Schwarzenegger said that he recognizes and respects the equality and partnerships that domestic partners shares, however, he will not support any rollback of the states present domestic benefits. The author of the bill, Assemblyman Mark Leno, of San Francisco, criticized him by saying that the governor did not pass the test as a leader for he failed to welcome the opportunity to let Californians enjoy the fair and equal treatment for same-sex couples basic civil rights. As far as the mayor of San Diego is concerned, he supports gay marriage. Just this September, The Associated Press posted an article that the mayor of the eight largest cities in California, Mayor Jerry Sanders has signed a City Council resolution that vetoes Californias prohibition on same-sex marriage. Adding those years before although he was also one of the people who are against gay marriages, he said that his views have changed and that he realized that "a separate but equal institution is not something that he can still support." His statement has agitated many conservative churchgoers in his city. San Diego’s conservative churchgoers intensely denounced the mayors’ new stand. It the California Governor and San Diego mayor differed in their views about same-sex marriages, San Francisco is also having a buzz about the matter. Mayor Gavin Newsom has already issued licenses to gays and lesbians which gave them permission to be married. All the marriages that were sanctioned were all voided by the California Supreme Court stating that the mayor has “overstepped” his authority by having issued licenses to same-sex couples and that the mayor has failed to observe and enforce the provisions stated under the states marriage statutes.&nbsp.