When Disaster Starts

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The wedding was supposed to take place the next day that is Sunday, May 17 when Ahamad would marry Sarah. But unlike the European marriage tradition, our wedding ceremony was usually conducted at night. As per our custom, once a couple is married, the groom stayed at the bride‚Äôs residence and then took her his home. I woke up at five in the morning to do the Fajer which is the first prayer in the day that Muslims offered Allah. We should pray five times a day on five different occasions. When I was on my way back to the hotel, I heard prayers in the mosque, as well as the talk about an earthquake. However, I did not have any clue about the episode until I arrived at the hotel again. Quakes resulted from Earth’s natural need of releasing stress. When the Earth’s plates moved against each other, stress was developed. When this stress became severe, the structure of Earth (plates) broke or shifted. As the plates moved, the earth’s crust put force on itself. When this force was strong enough, the crust broke. When such a break occurred the stress got released as energy which moved through the earth in the form of waves, which we feel and call an earthquake. Therefore, an earthquake could be perceived as a vibration of the earth produced by a rapid release of energy (Tarbuck 1996).Hearing the news of the quake, people were leaving the hotel and there was a big commotion in the lobby. The staff was shouting, Calm down! Calm down! Nothing is certain yet. I did not understand what is happening, and I went to my room thinking it was a problem between the staff of the hotel and some of the guests. I turned on the TV and, by coincidence. the channel was Al Jazeera, which was one of the biggest news channels in the Middle East. The news in the red bar read A volcano might hit Saudi Arabia because of an earthquake. My jaw dropped and I stayed completely still with an open mouth. Ali asked me what happened, so I pointed with my finger to the news.