Whats Eating Gilbert Grape Based on the movie for mental illness

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In the movie, Arnie is faced with a very difficult life considering the tough situations that are affecting their family’s life and the developmental disability that has made his life more of a burden to his brother who seems to be the only person in a position to care for the entire family. Developmental disorder is simply a term that is commonly used in the United States and Canada in an effort to bring to light disabilities that are life long. The disabilities that are described as being developmental are inclusive of all the mental and physical impairments that tend to be observed in children before they reach the age of 18 years. The development disability is usually as a consequence of trauma or even illness that is temporary during childhood. In the case of the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, it can be said that the developmental disorder that seems to put on hold Arnie’s life is as a consequence of mental impairment. As it can be clearly seen in Arnie, the developmental disability makes it very difficult for the character to live an independent life because it reduces the capacity of an individual to have an independent living. it disables ones ability to have self direction and the inability of an individual to learn (Habib, 49). … As it is also expressed in the movie, developmental disability has no treatment against. The helpful thing that could be done for an individual that is suffering from developmental disorder is to have them receive optimal support right from their families. As it is evident in the movie, Gilbert has been busy all through trying his best to take care of his brother by supporting him in his daily activities. This is also extended with the mother who is also extremely obese hence can not do anything for herself. Although according to the standards that are known internationally, developmental disorders ought to be countered using education and training. community and at-home support. residential accommodation. employment support. advocacy and day services (Habib, 50). Due to the fact that they are surrounded by poverty, Arnie’s family is not in a position to offer the many kinds of support that could benefit and even better his life. In regard to this, Gilbert is acting in a very responsible manner as he is only capable of offering the at-home support to Arnie and does it to his level best considering the fact that he is also caring for the entire family since the death of his father and the fact that their mother is severely obese hence can not also support herself. Review of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? It is in the small town of Endora in Iowa that Gilbert is having his busy life taking care of his brother Arnie. Being the only brother and only remaining male figure that his was left with in the house after his father committed suicide, Gilbert has developed a very strong relationship with his brother. The relationship is mainly of protection and care as it is a very clear scenario that the only parent that they are left with