What Success Means and How College Will Contribute to the Academic Personal and Professional Success

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Meaning of success and how Endicott College it will contribute to my academic, personal and professional success.
Success means emerging triumphant in a particular field or in something that one is interested in. Being successful can also be said to be, an accomplishment that a person has been longing for and working for it for a very long time. For instance when one is in high school, or any other field of their specialty they work hard to reach their goals, when these is achieved a person can say that they have succeeded through one stage of their life and they are ready for the other. Success can also mean that one is happy with the choices they have made in their life, and they are comfortable with themselves for those choices.
Endicott college will enable me gain my academic success. I want to major in accounting and finance. I know that the school of business is going to enable me achieve this, since there is a serene environment to study where the classrooms are well configured therefore encouraging a lot of concentration (Vault career intelligence 2012). The teachers in the school are friendly in that they provide small groups that encourage the students to study together. They also guide them through the learning process through interacting with them face to face making learning easier. The college also encourages internship through the learning process which will enable me but into practice what I have learnt theoretically.
Endicott College is going to enable me successes not only academically but in my personal life. I am a football player, if given a scholarship or a chance to join your college, I will a productive person in your community as a college, I will be a team player and encourage other student to be more participating and I will also help the community by doing social work through raising funds by playing football as I am good at it. Through playing football I will be a successful person because I will have a chance to grow in mind and in the way of my thinking. These will give me an opportunity to play professional football in future which will in return help me make better choices through the good teamwork that is encouraged in the school through the coaches, students and teachers.
A scholarship in Endicott College will help me in my career choice and in my profession not only as an accountant but also as a football player. I will gain life skills in the school which will enable me to be a better person, I will gain experience and I will become a team player in the society once I graduate and start working. Since Endicott has a masters program I will enhance my degree program. Through Endicott I will have triumphed in my life and in my career choice which will make me a productive person not only to myself but to my community.
In conclusion Endicott College will be a good opportunity for me if given a chance because it will help me became a better person not only academically but also professionally. I will get an opportunity to prove myself as a good football player, a team player and a team leader. Endicott College is my choice and I believe it’s the best place to become a productive member of the society.
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