What Not to Eat and Eat during Pregnancy

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According to the author, some of these foods contain a bacterium that causes listeriosis (Ward). This infection is critical since in addition to serious health problems, it may cause miscarriages and stillbirth amongst pregnant women. The article presents the fact that some large fish contain mercury that may affect the brain and nervous system development of a child.RecommendationsThe article recommends that one should first test the doneness of the animal meat with a thermometer and ensure that eggs are cooked until there are no longer runny (Ward). Moreover, it advices that pregnant women should wash their hands after handling hot dogs and the luncheon meats and also avoid he fluid from the packages containing these foods. Pregnant women may only eat up to 12 ounces of low in mercury seafoods in a week. Finally, it recommends that one should stick to the baking instruction provided and not eat raw dough.“Foods to avoid during pregnancy” by Mayo Clinic StaffReview&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.This article presents some of the foods and drinks that pregnant women have to avoid. It analyses adverse effects of some of these foods and drinks as well as availing some recommendations.SummaryThe article forbids women from drinking excess caffeine. According to the article, it can pass to the baby and affect their heart rate (“Mayo Clinic”). Currently, some studies indicate that drinking caffeine may cause miscarriages amongst women. In addition, the article also prohibits herbal tea since some may affect the development of the baby. Finally, the article advices women to avoid alcohol as it may affect the baby. Mothers who drink alcohol have higher risks towards miscarriages and stillbirths (“Mayo Clinic”). Too much of it also leads to foetal alcohol syndrome.RecommendationsRecommendations provided by the article include the fact that pregnant women should consult their health providers on the use of herbal tea. In addition, the article claims that no level of alcohol has been proven unsafe but women should just avoid it completely. Finally, concerning caffeine, the recommended dose is less than 200 milligrams a day (“Mayo Clinic”).&nbsp.

“What Not to Eat When you’re Pregnant” by Denise Schipani&nbsp.ReviewIn addition to stating the foods and drinks that one should avoid during pregnancy, this article goes further into mentioning the foods that one should eat during pregnancies. It aims at providing nutritional answers that pregnant women may have.SummaryThe article mentions omega 3s which are important in development of the brain and the central nervous system of unborn babies (Schipani). Choline is also advised and it has vitamin B, which is important in foetal brain development hence prevent spinal cord defects. Fibre and calcium are also in the list of foods to eat, they help prevent constipation, and haemorrhoids as well help in bones development respectively.RecommendationsThe article provides recommendations of sources containing these necessary nutrients that will enhance child development. The article recommends beef, eggs, soybeans as a source of choline but excludes beef liver (Schipani). In the case of omega 3, the article recommends that one should look for brands that state ‘omega 3’ on the packaging. According to the article, sources of calcium include low fat milk, cheese and yoghurt. In addition, the sources of fibre include whole grain foods as well as fruits and vegetables (Schipani)