What Makes Me Me

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The most significant people in my life are my parents. They have been of major impact in my life. Even though they separated at an early stage of their marriage, my father did not forget us. He was always in the picture and has never let us down even with the many challenges we faced. We stood together as a family and battled out our major things and challenges as a family.If I get into any trouble, I know I have my parents to tell and trust. They will always have a listening ear and will never lack any encouraging words to say to me. They raised me to be confident, independent, and transparent in everything I do. This is why I say they have had a major effect on my life. My parents raised me and shaped the person I have become in life. The challenges we have faced together have also played a big part in shaping my current destiny.Today, the media has also been a significant contribution to how people live their lives and the things they do. Mine is not excluded. Their looks now define people, their code of dressing, how they act, how the media defines them, and so much more. All of these things affect my life, just like what we see in the magazines, on the media and books. Do I have to think before I eat, dress, talk, What makes me, me? Essay among others asking myself what the media will say? This is also similar to my associates, and all that revolve around me.Life without acquaintances is boring. You, at times, wondering what to do without them. They have influenced my today’s lives in a big way. We have fun together. I tell them everything I do, ask for support from them, and vice versa. The guidance from friends has profoundly helped me during tough times and has helped me go through these times. This is why my friends have also played a big part in my life. I would not know what to do if they were not in my life.Their upbringing often distinguishes a person. My life was easy. I was able to live in a good house and a very comfortable area with security. You cannot compare this to Melbourne, which is a big city and a little safer. Where I grew up, security was tight than the big cities, and that is why I always say I grew up in a good area with explicit knowledge of the laws and the people protecting them.Finally, every person is unique in their way. They have all been raised differently and have made different choices. Everything that happens in my life does for a reason, and that is why I never regret any choice or decision I have made. The many challenges and troubles I have gone through have sharpened me. They have made me be what I have become currently. I would never have gone this far without my friends and family who have been of great support and guidance all through. They are the rocks in my life, my support, and helper any time that I am in trouble, well at least that is what friends and family are to me. I believe that everyone has their own life to live.