What makes bad logo

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What makes a bad logo? A logo is a symbol of advertisement as it is used to project the image of a particular brand. However, a logo could either be good or bad as a logo can make a good brand look bad. It is important to look at the things that make a bad logo. A logo that does not appeal to its audience is a bad logo. Thus, in designing a logo, the type of audience that the logo is meant for must be put into consideration (Chase et al. 2008). A logo that does not tell a story in the simplest form, but makes it more complicated is a bad logo (Chase et al. 2008). A logo that starts with a bad font and ignoring the weight and letter spacing is a bad logo (Chase et al. 2008). The use of computer tricks in designing a logo could also make it a bad logo. Thus, if the logo that is meant to be created by hand is created with the use of a computer, it makes it a bad logo.
An example of a bad logo is the logo of the London Olympic Games. Many people actually find this logo bad and it is good to look at the reasons that, this logo has been adjudged bad. Personally, the logo looks too childish in nature, as the designers did not take the age of the adult followers into consideration. A good logo should cut across the age of its audiences and anything short of this makes the logo a bad one. Thus, the logo of the London 2012 Olympic Games is bad due to its childish nature. It makes one think that the Olympic is meant only for kids. Another thing that makes the logo for the London Olympic Games bad is the fact that, the colour scheme does not look original. One would have the feeling that, it is an imitation of the works of Nike and this should not be so. The fact that, the logo does not look original puts the credibility of the designers to doubt.
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