What Is the Appeal of Fashion to Youth Culture

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Youth culture is a recent field of study in modern history. Theories that explain the emergence of youth culture have been proposed by several theorists and philosophers. Youth culture theories suggest the effect of psychological, historical and economic factors amongst youths as the major cause of the emergence of youth culture in the 20th century. Lury (2011), argues that schooling has been a big influence on the emergence of Youth culture. Age is seen as the major cause of separate youth cultures. Modern schooling has made it possible for interactions of youths who share experiences and definitions that facilitate the growth of new youth culture (Lury, 2011).
Frith (1984), notes that youth culture is a major player in the development of identity amongst youths in modern times. Whenever youths do not have a clear role in their life, youth culture helps them to achieve a certain identity. Youth culture is hence a way in which youths reconcile confusion and identity issues. Fashion is one of the most powerful youth cultures that have emerged in the 20th century. Fashion helps youths to identify with a certain class or culture and hence, fashion is a youth culture that helps in providing youths with an identity.
Fashion is an expression that comes out through appearance. It is often informed by ones liking of an era. Fashion is not only about clothing but also perfumes, accessories, body modification, and cosmetics. In French, high fashion is as haute culture meaning the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing made from expensive fabric. of high quality, Charles Fredrick Worth’s original work produced in the mid-nineteen century and produced in Paris. The famous couturier. Fredrick Charles Worth (October 13, 1826, is the father of high fashion. Born in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England, he created his mark in the Frenchs’ fashion industry. The perception of fashioning dresses was revolutionized by Worth leading to his fame as a fashion designer for rich and wealthy clients all over England. He created a portfolio of designs that were showcased by models at the House of Worth.&nbsp. &nbsp.&nbsp.