What Hurricane Effected the Presidents Image Stronger

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Plenty of Americans believe that President Obama’s handling of hurricane Isaac was much better than the handling of hurricane Katrina by former President Bush. Obama stopped his political campaigns for presidential election immediately after the occurrence of Isaac. He has given more importance to the rescue operations than to his political gains. It should be noted that Mitt Romney was raising a strong challenge to Obama until the occurrence of Isaac. However, Isaac has given many opportunities to Obama to prove his superior leadership skills and the outcome was an easy walkover to Obama in the presidential election. Even though a seven years interval is there, one of the most astonishing facts about Katrina and Isaac is that both occurred on Aug. 29 (Nolan). However, the destructions caused by Katrina was much more than the destructions caused by Isaac. Timely interventions and rescue operations prevented the increased human casualties in the case of Isaac.
On Friday, President Obama approved individual assistance as part of the disaster declaration for Louisiana. On Saturday night, he approved the same provisions for Mississippi. So far, more than 86,600 Louisianans and 3, 949 Mississippi residents have registered for assistance, and officials have approved roughly $4.14 million in requests. In both states, federal disaster teams have opened recovery centers where those affected by the storm can meet face to face with officials from nonprofits, state and local governments, FEMA, the Small Business Association, and other federal agencies to learn about the various types of assistance available to disaster survivors (Compton).
In short, President Obama did everything possible to help the people who were suffering from the consequences of Isaac. However, the same thing cannot be said about George W Bush when Katrina struck America in 2005. Even though Bush was particular in saving the lives of Americans from the threats of terrorists, he was not so in the case of natural disasters like Katrina. This is because of the fact that the majority of the vulnerable areas of the hurricane are black dominated.