What Has the Greatest Negative Impact on Childrens Learning SocioEconomic Status or Race

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The term race differentiates one population from another. The basis of differentiation may vary from culture to culture and environment to environment. For some, the basis of racial differentiation may be skin color facial features, genes, etc. An in-depth interview comprises of an interviewer and a participant. In this case, the interviewer acts as a student who wishes to learn everything from the participants. They are usually conducted face to face. It provides you with a chance to know about an individual’s experiences, feelings, and opinions about a particular subject or issue. There are many forms of in-depth interviews. It can be an informal conversational interview, a semi-structured interview, or a standardized open-ended interview (world bank, 2002). The interview is recorded on audio or videotapes, plus the interview takes the notes of these tapes. The tape is not enough during the interview. during the interview, the interviewer also has to take the notes of things which he might want to go back again to ask something about or any relation or interpretation of answer which he thinks he may forget afterward. The ethical considerations are very important while conducting an in-depth interview. The interviewee should be informed of the purpose and objective of the interview. He should also be informed of the benefits and risks involves with his participation in the research and then an informed written consent should be taken by the interview which involves the confidentiality statement from the interviewer and the proposed date, timing, and venue of interview. It’s the interviewer’s responsibility to arrange for the venue, agrees upon the time with the participants, the tapes or medium on which the interview will be recorded. He should be at the venue before the time to show his commitment. He should be well prepared and rehearsed for the interview. He should take into consideration all the requirements to gather valid and reliable information which can be useful for the interview.The sampling for the participants must be done through maximum diversity sampling.