What does Nevada gaming policy Committee should consider that will improve the gaming industry or the regulation of the gaming industry

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This paper will discuss ways that Nevada gaming policy committee should consider to improve the gaming industry or regulation of the gaming industry.Nevada gaming policy committee can improve gaming industry or the regulation of the gaming industry by enlisting outside directors. Although recruitment of outside executives is a challenge for licensed gaming corporations, outside managers with strong credentials in disciplines like marketing, finance as well as information technology can bring formidable contributions to a proprietor’s growth and management. It is a shame that most prospective outside managers have under no circumstances been accredited in the gaming industry. However, when such persons encounter the mandatory certifying procedure in all its complexity and scope, they frequently decline directorships in gaming corporations. they cannot validate undergoing the indiscreet background check as well as suitability investigation intended for a part-time duty. This occurrence shrinks the ocean of talented persons available to aid this crucial function for casino industry (Stewart 6).Nevada gaming policy committee can improve regulation of the gaming industry by removing redundant regulatory filings. Within different U.S. authorities, licensees have to file specific trimestral and yearly reports, which no longer aid a material monitoring purpose. In specific cases, the material within the reports, which generally are on management, finances and ownership of the licensee are available to controllers online or elsevia other licensee tenders. However, even when a report requests simply for such predictable information, the licensee has to formulate it with caution and authenticate its precision. gaming regulation enacts stiff fines for errors within any certified report. If every licensee in Nevada must file 5 unnecessary statements