What defines The Metamorphosis

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However, the author has not provided any logic regarding the reason for his transformation into a monstrous pest like creature. The story revolves around a very painful scenario in which the main character is a normal salesman who suddenly converts into a scary monstrous pest one day and then faces a life that separates him from his family, his closest ties weaken and he is seen with hatred by his own family, let alone the society. They stay away from him, fear him, are scared of him and consider him as a burden on the family (Kafka, 2008). Analysis and evaluation in context with today’s world The novel is believed to be closely associated with the author’s own life who lived in fear of his father who was harsh with him. In the novel also, the impact given by his father’s presence represents that he saw his son with disgust and repugnance especially after his transformation due to which his father had to resume work again. Gregor felt like a burden on his family after transformation and even though his sister was initially his caretaker and helped him cope with the situation, it was just short lives and even she started getting repulsive from him later. The story is a classic that is linked to the humanities and social sciences phenomenon in terms of religious and extremist interpretations as well as the general state of humans which can also be linked to them in today’s world (Kafka, 2008)…. in the world is shown in the novel probably portraying that the world is harsh and selfish even if it comes down to ones very own family who begin considering you a burden if you do not have anything to give to them in return for the relationship ( Sokel, 2002). Illustrating a very gloomy life that the main character had after the transformation, the novel relates to a truthful version of how individuals are treated if they are different, dependent or socially unacceptable in some respect. Gregor not only faced isolation at home but also felt a social seclusion and unacceptability. Moreover even his own mother could not comply with the responsibility and fearless feeling if unconditional love for him. He was considered as a burden by his sister who began to stay away from him. He is considered inferior and feels extremely frustrated about his state regarding which he can’t even do anything. Ultimately his end is what makes him free from all this isolation and loneliness along with the inferiority that he had to face because of the metamorphosis (Gray, 2005) Conclusion In today’s world, this book seems of great relevance even though this masterpiece was written around a hundred years ago. It relates to the societal isolation that people face due to being different from usual or being less useful than others, suffering from disease/illness/loneliness/religious sectarianism or any other thing that differentiates one person from the society. The fact is that as the book portrays, ultimately everyone is a selfish and even a person’s closest family and friends are not bothered enough to care in a situation where someone becomes a burden. The world believes in give and take relationships, be it in the case of families and friends, work and professional settings or