What Can be Caused by Rising Oil Prices

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ring about changes at the top when the masses have come out in the streets and raised their voice against the discriminatory effects that the oil prices seem to have on their lives. The worst possible explanation given by experts in the field of oil prices’ regimes is that these are done to benefit the people in the long run – the long term which seems to be a far fetched proposition, one which has never been seen and would eventually cease to exist. (Sherman, 2008) It is a harsh reality that these prices would continue to increase now and then and there would hardly be any subsidy or chances of these prices coming down since the world’s inflation rate and that of the respective countries is also increasing, with exceptions here and there but on the whole, there is much pessimism that surrounds the whole related equation.There need to be certain price levels with regards to oil since it has a huge impact on the economy of a particular nation. The same could be looked at in a different perspective, one that can be remarked as being positive by one set of people while being a sure case of treason as negativity attached with it would spark a fierce reaction from the other lot. This could be a sensible solution nonetheless as it would solve the misery of increasing the oil prices now and then, once and for all. However, this does not hold much of a ground. Reason being that the same has been exercised very well in the past without much success and is sure to be a worst-case scenario again in the present times, as several people have already thought it to be one of the very same. (Tannenbaum, 2008) The rising price issues need to be tackled in such a way that the $148 a barrel price never comes back to such exorbitant levels – levels that have haunted people like no other issue in the recent past. It has made a drastic difference within their lives and they have started to panic all of a sudden.Several people are of the view that the prices of late have been set by the limited resources and those people who are at the helm of affairs should just do something else rather than ruling their lives with changing oil prices every now and then. They are of the view that the OPEC oil embargoes have done much damage to their lives already that they cannot sustain anymore in the aftermath of the Iraq war and the Afghanistan saga and not to forget the Iran Nuclear threat that poses as a hanging sword on a constant basis.