What are your short and longterm career goals

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Short and Long-Term Career Goals Throughout my life I have had only one goal in my mind. it was to run my own business and eventually an empire ownedby the family and so it has always been my long term goal. I took an early start in real world when I started working at the age of 16 and tried to understand things my own way. And after completing my graduation things became much clearer when I decided to do the masters degree in Financial Engineering to learn the core objectives of business. Globalisation calls for the companies to look all around the globe for investment opportunities under different sets of circumstances. Therefore companies have to depend on finance, investment and property experts. Being an ambitious, energetic and highly motivated individual I wish to seriously pursue a career in financial industry.

Finance and accounting background teaches a lot about running a business or rather it’s the de-facto language of business. I have worked with mutual funds and Hedge Funds and acquired sound knowledge of financial accounting. I have also worked with three reputed companies in search of a challenging and productive career path to guide me towards my long term goal. During my tenure with the Hedge Fund department, I started building my interest more towards the finance side rather then accounting side of the industry. The role, which appealed to me the most, was an associate position at a respectable private equity or a financial institute and right after that I decided this as my short term goal and felt motivated to seek an MBA degree.
Definition of success varies from person to person, depending upon the circumstances and the ambitions. In my opinion long term success means recognition as an expert in the field in which I’m passionate. I believe that MBA education can help me develop other vital skills essential for my standing as a professional. For example, I will benefit from the opportunity to further polish my public speaking ability and hone my skills as a negotiator along with mastering in the field of financial engineering.