What Are the Different Factors Contributing to Network Activities Across Firms With ICE Programs

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This research involves a comparative case analysis of interviews in twelve industry-leading global corporations: Air Products, Albany International, Corning, Dupont, GE, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Kodak, MeadWestvaco, Sealed Air, Shell Chemical, and 3M. During site visits, and follow up phone calls over a four-year period, we conducted a total of 246 interviews with representatives from different managerial levels (senior managers, middle managers, and project leaders), different functional backgrounds (such as Ramp.D, marketing, business development), and from different business groups in each company.Corporate entrepreneurship contains two fundamental components: (1) objectives focused on rejuvenating or purposefully redefining organisations, markets and industries to create or sustain a position of competitive superiority, and (2) innovation as the premier mechanism for meeting these objectives (Antoncic, 2001). This research examines the interplay among organisational, individual and programmatic components that enrich network activities for ICE. While others have explored inter-organisational networks and entrepreneurship (Walter et al., 2006), the focus is on how networks are created and leveraged within a company, rather than beyond the organisation’s boundaries.Network theory examines how network structure, and the position of individuals in that structure, impacts ones ability to bring about change or produce performance advantages (Burt, 1992). This indicates two levels of analysis: 1) the overall network and (2) the individual. The objective of the study is to identify how managers can facilitate the network creation process for ICE. Thus, the analysis with the third level of inquiry was investigated: ICE program-level activities. Therefore objective through a three-component lens were viewed: the organisation, the individual project leader, and the ICE program.It next examined what network theory says about these three components.