What are the challenges in implementing a global alliance Once an alliance is reached what steps are involved in strategic implementation of the venture?

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Answer the above questions, using the below/attached references. Must be at least 300 words in APA format.References(1) Goussak, Gregory W. (2012). CULTURAL PLURALISM: A CRITICAL NEEDS PLAN FOR GENERAL MOTORS. Global Conference on Business & Finance proceedings, 7(1), 249-255. (2) Damanpour, F., Devece, C., Chen, C. C., & Pothukuchi, V. (2012). Organizational culture and partner interaction in the management of international joint ventures in India. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 29(2), 453-478.(3) Jakada, B. A. (2014). Building global strategic alliances and coalitions for foreign investment opportunities. International Journal of Global Business, 7(1), 77-94.(4) Luvison, D., & de Man, A. (2015). Firm performance and alliance capability: The mediating role of culture. Management Decision, 53(7), 1581-1600.24/01/201815businessfinance