What Are The Basic Principles Of Gestalt Psychology And Why Was It Important In Early Life Of Psychology? What

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What are the basic principles of Gestalt psychology, and why was it important in early life of psychology? What

areas do you think were the Gestalt principles and avenues of research best suited for in modern psychology? In your opinion is there a place for Gestalt psychology in current psychological research and application? Why?

From a scientific perspective, psychoanalysis, or psychodynamic view have very little validity. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Justify your answer. Why did Freudian psychoanalysis have such a seemingly dominant influence, not on U.S. psychology development, but on popular culture?

How did the perspectives of empirical and structuralism lead to the development of American functionalism? Dose American functionalism differ significantly from its European heritage? Why?

Describe the main factors of humanistic psychology. Compare and contrast their views with those of their contemporaries, such as psychoanalytic. In terms of applications,what would make humanistic psychology appealing?

Justify your answer with appropriate research reasoning.

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