What A StarWhat a Jerk

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In the given case, I agree with Mary Rowes ment, "In general the worst thing a supervisor can do is to sometimes reward and sometimes punish unacceptable behavior" (Cliffe, Rowe, McKenizie, Jordon, &amp. Waldroop, 2001). I think that good employees should be rewarded for their performance as well as good behavior. However, poisonous elements in the organization though productive should not be tolerated. As such, I also agree with Chuck Mckenzie who states that managing an Andy is not easy. But this does not necessarily mean that disciplinary action should be the last resort to solve this problem as suggested by (Cliffe, Rowe, McKenize, Jordon, &amp. Waldroop, 2001). Usually, behavior problems involve violations of policies or work rules (Fallon, &amp. McConnell, 2014). However, the noble thing Jane needs to do is to show that she has the authority and let Andy know what is acceptable and what is not.
I once encountered an employee behaving like an Andy when I was a manager of a retail store comprised of several other employees. There was this one individual who thought that she could do as she pleased on my shift. She did her job well and treated other employees and customers with respect. The only problem I had with her was the way she communicated with me. I managed to handle this situation in a professional manner and from that experience, the behaviour of this individual significantly improved and she began to observe and respect the company policy towards management. Some form of behaviour simply needs to be corrected without necessarily taking disciplinary action against the individual employee behaving like an Andy.
Sarah Cliffe. “What A Star-What a Jerk.”