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Womens Lives: Multicultural perspectives Women have been the most vulnerable gender because they are treated unequally compared to males who enjoy most of the privileges in the society. Since the time immemorial, women have not been taking an active role in the social development or playing a central role in the society. however, this is changing following the latest developments. Women have started to find space to air their voice and perform assigned roles. This has made them compete fairly with male counterparts and beat them in some cases.
Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions, Seneca Falls, was a blessing to women because it leveled the playing ground and came with many opportunities. This was also important because it expanded their expression space and could be heard outside the kitchen. Women started to enjoy equal rights just as male and competed for job opportunities. Hence, one can conclude that the position and perception of women have changed, and they are on the right path to acquiring equal status since they are really struggling to bring equality.
Despite the prolonged struggle for equal treatment, the article, Who is your mother? Red Roots of White Feminism notes that different women from various parts have a responsibility since the experience is not the same. India is one of the nations, which sabotages women’s efforts to bring social change. Hence, there is a need to develop parameters that can deal with it and ensure women have an equal platform for expression. Hence, women are on the right track, and their initiative will bear fruit.
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