Western expansion and development

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The immigrants from China faced a lot of discrimination upon arriving in the United States which was evident in the manner of treatment that they received in the mines. In 1850s, the U.S government limited the right of naturalization to the white immigrants only which made it difficult for Chinese immigrants to pursue independent livelihoods. The Missouri Compromise allowed for slavery to continue in the newly acquired states which meant that immigrants of African descent were to be treated as slaves and not as people who came in search for greener pastures. The Mexican War saw the expansion of the United States to parts of territories that initially belonged to Mexico. This made it easy for immigrants from Mexico to move to the country with most of them settling in the states of Texas and Oregon regions.The United States played a critical role in ending the Second World War. The nation initially tried to avoid entering the war even as pressure from the Britain mounted. They finally agreed to take part in it as it was seen as a threat to its security.During the Holocaust, the United States did not lower its tight stance on immigration and it is believed many Jews would have been saved if the laws were lessened to allow Jews immigrants into the country. The American Jewish community had undermined the impact of the Holocaust and they failed to consider advocating for the uplifting of more Jews from the affected areas. During the World War II period the American Jewish community was bitterly and deeply divided, and was unable to form a common front. Proponents of a Jewish state and Jewish army agitated, but many leaders were so fearful of an anti-Semitic backlash inside the U.S. that they demanded that all Jews keep a low public profile. The Bracero Program which was formed in the year 1942 saw the increase of immigrants from Mexico who mainly came into the United States to offer cheap labor. At the onset of World War II, the