Werewolf Game

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Deception increases as distraction increases. I noticed it is not easy locating the deceivers when there were a lot of distractions. Therefore, it means that in a group set up, the more task one handles the more he is not likely to meet the deadline for that task.Not everyone was born a leader. I realized that not many people were born to be decisive. As we were playing most of us had different opinions and we did not know the best choice to pick.Q2) Power within the group. There was a power struggle within the group, everyone wanted his pattern to be followed. In addition, no one believed in the other person’s pattern. It was clear that we have different opinions when it comes to solving a given task. The moment we began to play, I noticed that everyone had taken a position about how to go about the game. Some of the group members were claiming that they had played the game before and therefore they were in a better and therefore they should be allowed to show others how to go about the game.