Wellness 101

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Please read below for new guidelines on the physical fitness activity. Each week, you are expected to choose a way to be physically active for 30 minutes. This can be in one 30 minute block, or in shorter blocks that add up to 30 minutes. It is your choice what the physical fitness activity will be, but make sure it is a physical activity that contributes to your physical health. This journal entry will be worth 2 points of your final grade. Every journal should include: A description of the physical activity; How you would characterize the activity (aerobic activity, muscle and bone strengthening activity, flexibility activity, all three, etc.); Any incorporation of strategies used to successfully maintain endurance during the activity (if applicable); Whether you think the activity was appropriate for you, and your plan to continue with that activity or try something different. How the activity made you feel mentally.Please write a well-developed paragraph covering all these points. I expect at least 5 sentences!11/05/202015education