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Week 1 Discussions and Required ResourcesAssignment: This is a two-part assignment. Each part must be at least 200 words unless otherwise noted. Please read all attachments and follow ALL instructions.To receive full credit you mustinclude at least 2 citations of scholarly support to your answers for each discussion post (i.e. Discussion One -2 citations, Discussion Two -2 citations). Citations should be within your post and include(Author, year, page number) if you are using a quote, page number is not required if you are paraphrasing. Just listing references and not using them in your post does not count as a citation or support. You can use your textbook as scholarly support and remember to include a reference for the support cited. Part 1: The Green WaveIdentify and discuss three natural drivers of the Green Wave in business as they relate to one of the following industries. (You do not need to limit your discussion to the natural drivers identified in your text.) The automobile industry The construction industry The entertainment industry The fashion industryWhat unique opportunities are created for the industry that you are addressing by the natural drivers that you have identified? Identify one specific business in the industry that you have chosen and discuss whether it has responded to the unique opportunities created in a strategic manner. Explain.Part 2: Environmental Impacts on the FutureOrganizations must recognize that sustainable economic growth is not possible without considering the needs and demands of society as a whole. An organization has to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. An organization should consider others instead of themselves in the process of becoming successful. Read the article, “Seeing Green by Being Green: Patagonia, Samsung, Phonebloks, Glad, Energizer, and IKEA Go Far Beyond Recycling” (article URL is below) and respond to the following: Ø Discuss an example of a company you have seen that practices green marketing.Ø List what each company described in the article is doing to maintain sustainability.Ø Is sustainability always a good idea for a business?Required ResourcesTextEsty, D.C., & Winston, A.S. (2009).Green to gold: How smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Chapter 1: Eco-Advantage Chapter 2: Natural Drivers of the Green Wave Chapter 3: Who’s Behind the Green Wave?ArticleFisher, M. (2013, November 19).Seeing green by being green: Patagonia, Samsung, Phonebloks, Glad, Energizer, and IKEA go far beyond recycling.Forbes. Retrieved from}MultimediaNational Geographic (Producer). (2011).Oil eating bacteria engineered[Video file].Retrieved from This video illustrates an environmental driver and opportunity in business, supporting The Green Wave discussion for this week. Accessibility Statement does not exist.