Week 8 dq

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Question Personal ethics is a relative or an absolute ethical value, the assumption of which can be argued from a moral action. In general, values cannot be considered as physiological hence referred to as objective such the need to avoid pain and seek pleasure. The issue of elective abortion has been argued from a human nature or condition perspective, which in turn influenced my moral decision regarding whether elective abortion is permissible or not. In this circumstance, my values for respect and treasure of life will be based on the nature of the fetus whereby many questions are raised regarding the state of personhood of the fetus. Honestly making my decision on elective abortion, I would argue that the fetus has life just like other people.
Question 2
Some of the personal principles that makes my professional life successful include. self-motivation, humility, loyalty, confidence and professionalism. In this regard, professionalism as my value is based on the basis that it is significant to value professional behavior all the time at work place. This kind of behavior incorporate things like speaking and dressing to maintain my image since I take pride in my behavior and appearance. Having professional behavior helps complete high quality projects and act as role model to others.
Humility is another value that I have embraced and encouraged at work place and has assisted me in the objective of crating trustful, cohesive and amalgamated work force where each one of us have had the humility of accepting and learning from our failures and attaining empowerment that is needed in exploring the next opportunity. The other value is self-confidence in that I cannot be afraid to ask questions on areas that need more knowledge and the desire I have to inspire others. Lastly, there is self-motivation in that I require little or no supervision and direction to get back to my work. For instance, at work place, I encouraged employee’s feedback and provided them with an opportunity to be in charge in their areas of speculation.
Question 3
There is this moral issue regarding right to life. For example, in popular culture, the fact that people have rights is assumed as a given. Arguing from subjective perspective, this is up for grabs. The existence of a human right must be described and justified with concrete evidence. Historically, our idea of human rights developed from the idea that humans are composite substances, made up of a body and soul (mind) union. This theory that human nature is made of two substances is one application of dualism, therefore, all people have right to life.
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