“Week 7 Eresponse to Voyles and There&#x27

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s Something in the Water”For this week’s e-response, please read Traci Brynne Voyles’ WastelandingActions , watch There’s Something in the Water,** and respond to the following questions:1. According to Voyles, how and why do some bodies and environments become more “pollutable” than others?2. What is “wastelanding” and what forms does it take? According to Voyles, how is wastelanding a “multiscalar” problem?3. How does wastelanding happen in There’s Something in the Water?Cite at least two examples from the film in your answer (if you are listening to Waldron’s interview instead, cite at least two examples she gives from her book).4. Select a specific scene from There’s Something in the Water that stood out to you. Describe the scene and discuss it. Why did you select this scene and what is your reaction to it? (if you are listening to Waldron’s interview instead, select a specific moment in the conversation to discuss).Your e-response must be at least 400 words. Thank you!13/05/202010english