Week 5 U S Student Aid Data Debrief

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The project sponsors of the U.S. Student Aid Data project want you to participate in the project debrief meeting. You are to provide information around the methodology and practices you used to develop the database and the reporting tools used to answer the project questions.Referto the U.S. Student Aid Data assignments you completed throughout this course to prepare your debrief report. Previous assignments may need to be revised with instructor feedback.Documentthe following for the project sponsors: An explanation of the schema selected to develop the database, including: A summary of any schema discrepancies you found and how you resolved them The process and considerations you used to select the best schema for the database The strategy you used to optimize and incorporate best practices into the SQL used to develop the databases, including strengths and weaknesses of the techniques you used The strategy used to transform from one schema to another The challenges encountered while preparing the data for analysis The strategy used to clean the data The tools you selected for integrating various database elements, including the strengths and weaknesses of these tools Screenshots, diagrams, and other images as needed to support your summary Practices you will replicate or avoid in similar projects based on your experiences with this projectPresentyour summary as either: A 10- to 12-slide Microsoft®PowerPoint®presentation with detailed speaker notes A 3- to 4-page Microsoft®Word documentPosted: 3 days agoDue: 19/12/2019Budget: $25Answers 1computerscience4.7 (735)4.6 (1k )Chat5 hours agoPurchase the answer to view itWeek5-U.S.StudentAidDataDebrief.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $25Bids 70Dr.ManahilProf Double RDr_BiyaPROF. ANNAmanda SmithDiscount AnsDr. Ameerahwriter respect quality work for allPaula Hogfactorised_factsRasWriterPremiumDr Ava_MiaLilliana_Smithprofessor mitchDr R Judy MarkDoctor OkumuKATHERINE BECKSANN HARRISwizard kimDr Candice_2547Catherine Owensbrilliant answersColossal GeniusPhd isaac newtonProfessor LizzTeacher TrumahnJessica LuisProf.MacQueenEmily MichaelDr. RocalcomputerscienceElprofessorisarapaul2013RESPECT WRITERDrNicNgaoFavouritewriterRELIABLE PAPERSWIZARD_KIMrunge-kutta acerMiss ProfessorWendy Lewissmart-tutorimhmd.fhassan0906kim woodsJenny Boomprof avrilTerry RobertsAngelina Mayperfectojim clairephyllis youngSamann060Urgent TutorStano 001Ultimate GEEKChrisProfMiss_iqra_A Academic MentorDexterMastersDr shamille ClaraCasey CeliaUmair_ArifSaad FahimKaya ScodelarioLiza_JulietDr MkulimaUnique_ProfOther questions 10Hi all teachers Assignment 2: Community Prevention ProgramAfter hearing that a neighbor’s child, Jeremy, age seven, was sexually assaulted in the local park,…AJS 522 Week 4 Individual Assignment Influences within Public Programs PaperAJS 512 Week 3 Individual Assignment Leading Group Challenges PaperECO-365,ECO365,ECO/365,ECO 365 Week 4 Summary Thread, Version 4Principles of Microeconomics Economics (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.HCA 250 Week 1 Psychology of Health in the Workplace PaperECO 212 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment International Trade Simulation and ReportHelp me out with Energy systemcalc 1 Honor killings and hate groupsNot ratedNeed help.Assignment Content The project sponsors of the U.S. Student Aid Data project want you to participate in the project debrief meeting. You are to provide information around the methodology and …19/12/201925informationsystems