Week 4 forecast sales

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For this week’s assignment you are tasked with completing a sales forecast for your chosen business (Week 1, discussion).*All numbers you provide and all assumption you make must be explained in detail. *Write your explanation into the second tab titled “Explanations”.*Indicate to forecasting method you are using (quantitative, qualitative) and make sure you explain what you are basing your numbers on.THE CHOSEN BUSINESS (week one discussion)My business is sustainable fashion clothing online store working with upcycle material that last longer and for affordable price as I mention the first week. As I mentioned, many brands already work with this type of style, but I want to bring difference for my brand and work with 100% of sustainable and upcycle materials that last longer for affordable prices, our products will vary according to our customers needed to be quite comfortable and positive in their choices , such as cozy and style activewear, work home clothing and women’s outdoor apparel. I want to bring the positive impact and thinking of our brand, our customers are not only wearing the brand but also helping the environment of the planet which we are needing the most in this hard that we are going through.08/05/202015businessfinance