Week 1 Discussion The Digital Revolution

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Reflect:Consider how the digital revolution has transformed your life. Try to think of unique innovations other than the common cell phone, laptop, or microwave oven. Reviewing what your classmates have already posted will help you avoid redundant choices. The more unique your response, the more conversation you will generate! Since technology is constantly evolving, think about how technological advances in the future might impact your life. What are some benefits and drawbacks to innovative technology?Write:For this discussion, address the following prompts: Discuss two ways in which technology has transformed the way you either learn, work, or live. Explain how these technologies have made your life easier or more complicated. Visit to an external site.), to an external site.), or to an external site.). From these or any other similar website(s) you choose to review, select two futuristic ideas that interest you. Provide the link to the website you visited for each idea. If needed, review the tutorial: How Do I Create a Hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor as a Student?(Links to an external site.) Describe each idea in your own words. Discuss one benefit and one potential drawback of each idea. Your initial post should be at least 250 words.See attached Sample Discussion Question Answers Below – To Be Used As A Guide14/05/20207education