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Title: Informative Speech about writing your vows early.General Purpose: To inform.Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about writing your wedding vows early. Central Idea: I will be explaining this by talking about being ready, being sincere, being confident.Introduction I.     Attention Getter (Hook): Are you getting married soon? That’s great. II.   Reveal Topic/Audience Connection: In the future, you might get married, too, if that is something you want to do. So, this is a great speech for all of us to hear. Even if you don’t want to get married, this speech can still help you with overcoming procrastination. This evening I will tell you all about the importance of being ready for your wedding vows. III.  Credibility: I am in fact getting married soon and we chose to write our own vows. In addition, I have done two years of extensive research. IV. Central Idea: (Preview of main points). I will be explaining this by talking about being ready, being sincere, being confident.V.   Transition Statement: If you mess up, you’ll remember forever, so it’s best we move on to our first main point. BodyI.Main Point: It’s embarrassing to not be prepared and your vows are important. A. Make sure you do not procrastinate. 1. Support material: According to Elizabeth Porch, in her 2020 review of Buddy’s wedding vows, published in The Journal 2014, the groom didn’t make sure the vows were any good. As a result, the vows were terrible. He was not prepared. B. Make sure you practice. 1. While practice doesn’t always make perfect, it does make for a noticeably better presentation. And don’t you want your vows to be perfect? You’re lucky they’re even marrying you. Don’t disappoint your family. They need this win. (Transition) Now that we have talked about being prepared, let’s talk about our next main point, being sincere. II.Main Point: Part of writing your vows is sounding sincere.   A. You may be wondering why it is important to sound sincere in your vows. Marriage is a time for being honest and true with the person you are getting hitched to. 1. Support material: According to Jennifer Lopez in his 1930 article titled divorce rates linked to dishonesty, published in the academic journal Cosmopolitan Journal, 49% of marriages fail due to dishonesty. That is why you don’t want to start your marriage by being insincere. 2. Support material:B. 1. 2.(Transition)III.Main Point: A. 1. Support material: 2. Support material:B. 1. 2.Conclusion I.     Signal end is near: In conclusion, vows are important and I have explained why today. II.   Reinforce central idea (Recap): We discussed being ready, sincere, and confident with your vows. III. Close with impact: So make sure to be prepared for your vows or your marriage, if you can even  call it that, will end horribly. ReferencesDenes, A. & Afifi, T. (2014). Coming out again: Exploring GLBQ individuals’ communication with their parents after the first coming out. Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 10(3), 298-325. 10.1080/1550428X.2013.838150Lopez, J. (1930). Divorce rates linked to dishonesty. Cosmopolitan Journal, 3(99), 915-999.