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In addition, Thunderstorms and high-wind events caused the most injuries and deaths while lightning events caused the least injuries. However, none of the weather hazards caused any damage to crops (Virginia Department of Emergency Management, 2004).It is also evident in the table that Tropical storms and Hurricanes caused a lot of damage to properties and crops in the counties of Maryland. They also caused the most injuries and only one death. The tornados also caused damage to properties and crops, many injuries and four deaths. The ice events and snow, lightning events and thunderstorms and high-wind events also caused many assets and crop damage many injuries and fatalities (Homeland Security and Emergency Management agency, 2013).From the table, it can be seen that also the tropical storms and the hurricanes caused the most damage to crops and properties 333 injuries and nine deaths. Lighting events caused the least damage and only two injuries. Tornadoes, snow and ice events, thunderstorms and high wind events also caused some damage to the property and crops. The snow and ice events caused the most injuries as compared to other weather hazards. It also produced the most number of deaths. The Tornados, thunderstorms, high-wind events, and lightning events did not cause any deaths (Emergency Management agency,