Ways that Airports Can Prepare for and Respond to Aircraft Accidents

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Ways that airports can prepare for and respond to aircraft accidents. Aircraft accidents are some of the most fatal in the transport industry. It is therefore extremely important for the airport to put in place guidelines and procedures of preparing for and responding to such accidents in case they occur. According to the, (PlaneCrashInfo.), 44% of the investigated fatal aircraft accidents between the year 1950 and 2000 were not caused by human error. This means that the chance of an accident happening regardless of how well our pilots are trained is approximately 1:5. But this is just for the records since most of these errors have been rectified.
There are a number of measures that can be put in place to prepare for and respond to accidents some of which are discussed below.

Have an onsite medical facility. The advantage of having an onsite medical facility in place is that the airport can perform first aid procedures on the affected persons so that their condition can be stabilized before they are transferred for further treatment outside the airport facilities. Set up and train emergency response team. This team is trained specifically to deal with emergencies in the airport while waiting for external help from specialized teams like firefighters who will take charge of the situation once they arrive.
Set up alarms and siren. This helps in alerting all departments in the airport that there is an emergency that requires urgent attention of all emergency personnel.
The airport can set a safe area where everybody not in the emergency response team can gather before resuming to their work.
In responding to the accidents, the airport must keep up-to-date records of all contact institutions that can offer assistance during an occurrence of such accidents.&nbsp.