Ways of Encouraging Youth Participation in the Projects on Campus

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by a student, the problem that exists is considered to be universal, one in which students who have rich business theories have no practical experience. For these two points, a small market that can be established where both the seller and buyer are played by students might be a good idea. This would allow students to operate their businesses in this small market, making it a benefit for cultural communication in international students and improve students’ practical experiences of businesses.For the small market, the university will need to create a condition to attract students to participate. This paper explores if such a small market would apply to the Scarborough campus and if it could be accepted and attract students to participate actively. It also investigates the students’ attitudes toward the project as retail customers and assumption customers. Customers’ attitudes are strongly influenced by cultural, social, personal, demographic aspects (Armstrong and Kolter, 2000), therefore prompting students with various cultural backgrounds, different professional and demographic backgrounds to have a distinct attitude towards this project. One of the objectives is analyzing their characters with various demographic characteristics, relevant experiences, and personal interests.Secondary, the risk could be classified into four categories in the marketing literature: financial risk, psychological risk, physical risk, and social style (Jacoby and Kaplan, 2000). This paper mainly explores the financial risk and psychological risk of the students, as well as their risk perceptive and what factors they must consider.Finally, according to the students’ attitudes and psychology, how the university should lead the way and make a suitable decision to ensure the feasibility of the project will be discussed.Since the questionnaire is designed to focus on three target groups, which are local, European and overseas students, this paper must first analyze the main findings from these students about their attitudes towards the project if they are interested in it.