Ways in Which the UK Football Industry Has Embraced the Principles of the CSR Movement

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The paper tells that although football is the most popular sport in the world, it needs to embrace corporate social responsibility in its activities. In the UK, the football industry is growing day by day. Thus, it must come up with measures to contribute to the well-being of the general society. In sports management, corporate social responsibility is a new concept. As a result, the national federations and football clubs have a responsibility to ensure that they give back to the society. The managers must ensure that they come up with new programs which target the general public in running their activities. They must ensure that they influence the world around positively. Ideally, corporate social responsibility is the continued behavior of businesses of behaving ethically and ensuring that they contribute to the economic development of the society. In the past, football was mainly viewed as a hobby. However, in the recent past, football has created a global industry of its own. Globalization has led to the development of football as a sport and at the same time as an income generation industry. Thus, there has been a need to ensure that the football clubs come up with ways of ensuring that they are ethically responsible. Consequently, most of the football corporations have become a corporation. Thus, most of them have recognized that they must show their responsibility to the members of the society. Due to that, most of the football clubs in the United Kingdom have come up with a community relations department which deals with CSR. The football federations have moved from their passive philanthropic role and have become a responsible and committed sector in the affairs of the society.