Ways Growth of Equine Assisted Therapies

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Brandt, C. (2013). Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy as a Complementary Treatment Intervention. The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology. There is a need for more research in order to justify that the program is effective. In addition, the paper implies that there is a need to increase the awareness of therapeutic interventions. The outreach of the interventions will assist the use of the Equine technique as a complement intervention of the therapeutic interventions. There is also the need to research another animal other than the horse. The animal should be in plenty and easy to access both physically and in the mind of the patients. The instance ensures that the program becomes a success. Burgon, H. (Apr 23, 2014). Equine-Assisted Therapy and Learning with At-Risk Young People. London: Palgrave Macmillan. The publication tends to offer insight from a research study that took place in the UK. The instance thus outlines the various benefits of the EAT program to the public. However, the book puts forward that the primary way to make the EAT program viral is by tapping those persons who are at a risk because of their psychological nature. The instance means having sessions with individuals in agencies that offer foster care and in the teams that are for youth that have problems handling offenses. In addition, the program is useful if it taps persons in referral units. The instance means that there is a provision of the services fins the areas that the services need to be fully operational in order to improve the conditions of people at risk. The effects of the treatment will thus slowly diffuse into the community/ the community can thus be active on the consistency of the programs to the other institutions of learning. The instance will thus act as an awareness program. The crucial factor is that the results of the program determine the extent of the excellence of the awareness campaign.Chandler, C. K. (2012). Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling. New York: RoutledgeCynthia Chandler in the publication revises the various ways of using animal treatment to help people suffering from mental issues. The paper inspects recent research and helps in making choices on the proper animal to pick to suit a particular psychological need.