Watchman comic Annotated Bibliography Assignment

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watchman comic Annotated Bibliography AssignmentSymbolism—these will mainly be images throughout the novel. Choose at least 10 symbols, then create and prove a claim that examines what you think they mean and why they are important to the story?Symbols to choose from: Clocks and Watches, the Doomsday Clock, Hiroshima Lovers, Nostalgia Perfume, Fall Out Shelter symbol, Rorschach’s mask, the Smiley Face pin, Biblical allusions, Gordian Knot, hydrogen atom symbol, symmetry, triangles and pyramids, the story-within-a story—Tales of the Black Freighter, repeated graffiti phrases like “Who Watches the Watchmen?”, colors purple, yellow, and red, Moloch, the name Ozymandias, Percy Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias”, William Blake’s poem “The Tyger”, Alexander the Great, masks, Gunga Diner, the Promethean Cab Company, Paradise Lost, mirrors and reflectionsFor this project, you will do some scholarly research for your Watchmen presentations. The finished project will be an annotated bibliography with 2 sources.Objectives:Find appropriate sourcesUse MLA citationDistinguish between types of sourcesSummarize sourcesEvaluate sourcesApply research to course textThe first step is finding 2 sources that would be helpful in preparing your Watchmen final presentation, so be sure to review the possible topics. This should help you focus on what types of articles that will be most useful. You should not simply use the first sources you find.The most successful library search term that I have found is : Watchmen Alan MooreYou will need to scan through the listings, and I have also found that the more specific your terms, like Ozymandias Monster, usually do not work.(For help, read the Research Overview section of Purdue’s OWL site ( (Links to an external site.)).Keep in mind that these academic sources don’t necessarily need to be directly about the particular work you are researching. You may use history, psychology, sociology, economics, or any approach that you can clearly apply to your chosen work. After deciding upon 3 sources, you will create an annotated bibliography.The Assignment: For each article, you will turn in a 1 ­page, single-­spaced response that includes the following. Label each section.Citation (Use MLA format. For help go to OWL( (Links to an external site.)Summary (Be sure to present the main points, and demonstrate by using examples and quotations)Evaluation (Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the content, type, and author of your source)Application (Briefly explain how you would use the source in a research paper about the literary work)10/05/202025english