Watch the film on a speech by renown antiracist activist The Pathology of White Privilege of Tim Wise

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Tim Wise – The Pathology of White Privilege: Video review Tim Wise – The Pathology of White Privilege Tim wise, the author of White like me shared his views to the audience. He argues that higher authorities are maintaining the white supremacy. The politicians ignore the issue regarding the racism. The authorities are enforcing the ideas that issues of racial discrimination are non-existence issues. None of the presidency candidates talks about racial discrimination issue. They talk about poverty, lack of health services, lack of educational services and lack of employment but no one talks about what major issue is creating all these issues. He argues that in 2006, highest numbers of race based housing discrimination complaints were reported. The fair housing act was compiled in 1968 and until 1968, there were no highest number of race based housing discrimination complaints. One million Afro-Americans died to till date due to lack of heath care facilities. In the similar manner, law enforcement authorities are continuously maintains the white supremacy. Afro-Americans and Latin Americans are three times more likely suspected and checked for drugs. however, white Americans are found to have drugs four and half times more like when they are stopped. He argues that when white people see a Latin American young person driving a nice car, they would say him a drug dealer. however, if a white young person drives the similar car, people would say, spoiled rich child. The average white American family holds 4 times more wealth as compared to an average Black American family and 8 times more wealth as compared to average Lain American family residing in USA premises. He argues that in 1962, 1963, 90% of the White Americans argued that black Americans are receiving equal education opportunities and services but we know that the real situation at time. In 2005, 80% of the white Americans believe that black and Latin Americans are receiving equal educational rights.He argues that white Americans use the word underprivileged for the black and Latin Americans but who is then overprivileged. He uses the word overprivileged for the white Americans. He argues that if someone is down then someone must be up on him. That is the reason he is down and someone is making him down. He argues that why white American do crimes regarding racial discrimination and then escape into woods. White people give black Americans low wages as compared to white Americans. Free labor is demanded when black Americans are hired to work in fields. It is right to torture a Muslim for the act he has never done. White Americans are using the black Americans for their benefits.Tim Wise argues about the racial discrimination in United States of America. The examples he quoted came from the verified and credible sources. USA is unable to handle the racial discrimination and instead of bringing a hurdle in its path, authorizes are promoting the racial discrimination of stabilize the white Americans supremacy. The crimes rate will increases in the future and USA will face extreme racial discrimination, if it is not handled properly.ReferencesTim Wise – The Pathology of White Privilege.Vimeo. Retrieved 10 November 2014, from