Warhol’s Gold Marilyn and Basquiat’s Gold Griot

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Critic on of Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Gold Griot The paper intends to develop a critical understanding concerning the influence of Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn (1962) on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Gold Griot (1984).
Pop culture in painting and various artworks has been inspirational since past few decades, most prominently in the later period of World War II, when the environmental factors were being revitalized in the global arena. Stirred by such massive alterations, various art-forms had been introduced which certainly re-defined the traditional fine arts. Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn, showcased in the year 1962 had been one of such most debated artworks during the period of Post-World War II. Various artworks of Andy Warhol had been presenting a deep obsession towards Hollywood, even though his work in Gold Marilyn was criticized to signify a degree of poignant feel for the celebrity which was unique in itself (BBC, Gold Marilyn (1962)). On the other hand, the artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat, another renowned Pop painter had been significantly inspired by the family orientation of Africans which replicated his fondness towards griots, who are best known as West African story tellers, especially during the period of 1983-84. This can be apparently identified with reference to his work in the Gold Griot of 1984 (Fretz 119-120).
Hence, from a spiritual perspective, a thematic similarity can be observed in the artwork presented in the forms of Gold Marilyn and Gold Griot. Both the paintings have been focused on social divergences. Again from a technical perspective as well, resemblances can be identified in the two artworks where both replicate the figure of social deities. Conversely, the figures picturized in the two artworks differed on the basis that Andy Warhol intended to replicate a feminine feel of poignancy, whereas Jean-Michel Basquiat presented a strong masculine character in his painting. Critically focusing on these aspects, it can be argued that the influence of Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn on Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Gold Griot had been minimal, even though a few similarities can be identified in the two artworks.
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