War and Peace in the Middle East

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America has posted a toy government in Iraq and they are still not self-sufficient to rule their country as per American politician’s views. To date, $830.2 billion dollars have been allocated to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, $77.1 billion dollars have been requested in the recent supplemental that further fund these wars, for a total of $907.3 billion dollars. The national, state and local numbers we provide are based on the total of the approved and pending amounts through the end of Fiscal Year 2009. (Cost of War)The military objectives of the invasion were. end the Saddam regime. remove weapons of mass destruction. remove or expel Islamic terrorists. collect intelligence on terrorist networks. distribute humanitarian aid. save Iraq’s oil infrastructure. and assist in creating a representative government as a model for other Middle East nations. Now the first two objectives are out of the question since Saddam has expelled and no weapons of mass destruction have been located. The last reason for posting a representative government in Iraq also successfully implemented. Now America is citing other reasons like eliminating the terrorist groups from Iraq for their extended stay in Iraq.But even a layman knows it well that America’s intentions in Iraq are different from that declared. As the resources in America diminishing they wanted to exploit the resources of the poor countries. This is evident in both Iraq and Afghan wars. The oil resources and the pure water sources were attracted towards Iraq rather than the said reasons. America has already got a report from their secret agencies that other countries such as China and India will emerge as the superpowers by 2025. In order to sustain their place as the world police, they wanted to exploit others.On April 9, 2003, Baghdad fell, ending Saddam’s 24-year rule. U.S. forces seized Saddam and his colleagues, the Baath Party ministries.