Walmart Expansion to Ukiah California

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The entire business is however immediately bordered by a gas station to the north, a retail center to the south, properly developed motels, and professional offices to the west and to the east is highway 101 thus rendering the venture easy access (City of Ukiah, 1).
This project involves a number of improvements to the Walmart store seeking to increase its hours of operation and increasing its business base. The project, however, has a number of strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities as addressed in this SWOT analysis (Fine, 2009).
The project aims at expanding its building enlarging the existing 109,030 square foot Walmart store space to 156,651 square feet including the outdoor garden space. The project targets to add 47,621 square feet to the current flow area. This expansion would allow flexibility during the entitlement process.
The project also takes into consideration sustainable features that which would establish as the leading retailer in addressing global warming and implementing sustainable business practices. The business venture aims at producing fully renewable energy sources and market products that improve environmental sustainability emitting zero waste in the long run. This sustainable feature includes the introduction of a conducive lighting system that changes with weather change, energy efficient HVAC, Non-PVC roof among another environmental friendly initiative that would earn the business a good global image as far as environmental sustainability is a concern.
The current Walmart store provides limited parking space and this issue has been addressed in the project which intends to create to 612 parking spaces thus giving it an ultimate advantage since it meets the city’s zoning code requirement.