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W1 Discussion Board: Paleo-Indians-Introduction to Florida History W1 Discussion Board: Paleo-Indians-Introduction to Florida History
Paleoindians used to be hunters and gatherers, and they must have hunted animals that can now be said to be extinct. They lived in large tracts of land in Florida, where they gathered plants, hunted game, and caught small animals. Some of the animals they hunted included mammoths, elephants, and other species such as bison and Pleistocene horses. The climate at that time, which used to be more arid than the modern climate, created an environment for hunting and gathering. As hunters and gatherers, Paleo-Indians depended on the plants they gathered, and animals they hunted for food (Milanich, 1998).
What is meant by "division of labor"?
Division of labor refers to the apportioning of various tasks to different people in the society. It mostly applies in complex tasks, which may be broken into simpler tasks, and are assigned to specialists who deal only with the tasks assigned to them. Division of labor in the society is often done to enhance efficiency. In the division of labor, a person carries out a duty that he or she is best suited to carry out. For example, there may be those carrying out farming, others doing hunting, while others may be involved in making of tools.
How do archeologists think the labor was divided up among these early clans?
Through their excavations and the discovery of ancient artifacts, archeologists are able to know that the early clans used to exhibit the division of labor. Archeologists have found Paleoindian tools, as well as bones from animals. Skulls and remains of animals show that they used to be hunters. In addition, seeds as well as fragments of rind from wild gourds indicate that they used to gather plants. The remains of tools used in hunting have also been found by Archeologists (Milanich, 1998).
What do you think happened that allowed these clans to "settle down"?
Several changes took place, thus enabling the clans of Paleo-Indians to settle down in Florida. Some of the events that led to their settling down included the change in climatic conditions. For instance, the collection of surface water and clay deposits provided a desirable environment for farming. The presence of water and suitable soils enabled the clans to settle in one place from where they carried out farming (Milanich, 1998).
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