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Shield Volcano c. Dome Volcano d. Ash-Cinder e. Composite f. Caldera 5. Volcanoes in history and culture ii. disasters type 1 1. Impact on environment, 2. Impact economy 3. Impact people iii. disasters type 2 1. Impact on environment, 2. Impact economy 3. Impact people iv. Solutions proposed by the questions: privatization III. Volcano – Business Opportunities a. Prior eruption i. Geothermal 1. Historical use a. Refuge b. Balenology 2. Common use a. geothermal (ground-source) heat pumps (GHP b. bathing/swimming/spas c. space heating (including district heating d. aquaculture e. agriculture 3. Mechanism a. intrusion of molten rock (magma) b. high surface heat flow c. Heated groundwater 4. Environmental effects a. Emissions b. Noise c. Water use d. Land use e. Impact on natural phenomena, wildlife and vegetation ii. Tourism 1. Types of tourists a. Tours b. Students c. Adventurous 2. Visitors motivations a. Part of the tour, not a specific interests b. Sports c. Photography d. Scientific observation 3. The demand for volcano and geothermal tourism 4. Risk management a. Education i. Volcano in it self ii. Emergency actions b. To have qualified guides c. International safety guideline 5. Study case: Galapagos Islands, Volcanoes and wildlife a. Introduction, Location b. Geophysical aspect and history of activity c. Tourism d. Risk factors e. Risk management b. Post eruption i. lava mining 1. Study Case: Merapi Indonesia a. Stone property and use for sculpture b. Advantages ii. Agriculture: fertility of soil 1. Earth Properties 2. Economic impact 3. Study cases iii. Ashes business 1. Product tools 2. Transportation IV. Disasters type 1: tornado, hurricane, tsunami – Business Opportunities a. Domains of need and wants: i. Food ii. shelter iii. utilities iv. financing, v. work force planning vi. housing, security vii. communication and information technology viii. medical ix. transportation x. Insurance V. Disaster type 2: fire and floods – Business Opportunities a. Soil fertility b. Reconstruction VI. Discussion a. Reminding question and hypothesis. i. What are the business opportunities in a volcano ii. That I must be limited because we don’t really hear about it and it is not used much iii. The research about the subject refuted the hypothesis. b. GEOTHERMAL AND FINDINGS i. According to findings geothermal is been used but mostly in Europe and US ii. Why? iii. East African- findings-potential area to exploit iv. Problem developed and developing country and renewable energy c. GEOTOURISM AND FINDINGS i. Unexpected finding. Geotourism is quite developed. d. SOIL FERTILITY AND ASHESAND Findings i. Ashes have many consequences 1. Soil fertility, the nutriments, that is why we find lots of people surrounding volcanic areas 2. Beauty tool 3. Problems related to ashes a. Lava mining b. Explain why it doesn’t figure in the paper 4. Limited relevant work citied a. Depth of the explanation is very high/ engineering level b. Potential research VII. Conclusion a. Limitation of the subject b. Not new but not developed concept c. Clear business opportunities i. The impact of these opportunities. How the can influence our world and create a better place Introduction: Natural resources seem to be the epicenter of multiple problems. Different geographical locations on the globe possess different potentials in terms of natural resources. Naturally people will tend to exploit areas where they will gain more productivity with minimum investment