Vodafone industry

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This paper is an analysis of Vodafone products and services from the past and a comparison with the products and services it offers in the present scenario.Vodafone is a UK based company which started its operations in 1983. It was the start of telecommunication technologies. In the year 1985 Vodafone launched the first National Network in UK. This was first generation technology of the telecommunication sector in which mobiles were installed in cars and used car’s battery as energy sources. Vodafone was one of those who got the first movers advantage in this sector. Vodafone dealt with the challenges of 1G technology with the help of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) technology. It was a digital system. It launched its first GSM network in 1991. 2G technology enabled transmission of data along with voice over the mobile network whereas Wireless application protocol (WAP) made internet based services accessible with mobiles. Vodafone Group Plc is operating in more than 39 countries. It has a strong customer base of approximately 155 million customers. It has expanded its services from telecommunications to mobile hardware and internet communications. It has expanded itself with the changing communication requirements of its customers. Its efforts are directed towards meeting all kind personal or official communication needs of its customers.Mobile is always at the heart of what we do, but now we are moving into integrated mobile and PC communication services. We are doing that in two ways – wirelessly through 3G and HSDPA (High-Speed Download Packet Access), but also using fixed line broadband services like DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). (, 2007)In the year 2001 it became the first in the world to offer 3G roaming calls to its customers between Japan and Spain. It introduced Short Messaging services in the same year which enabled customers to