Vocal Expression through Emotion and Physical Movement

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For on-stage performance development, the singers should acknowledge the tone and emotion in music so that they can express them conformably through the voice and movement or body language for aesthetics and entertainment (Brett, 2000, p.21). These factors are very important to popular music and musicians in the music industry. When speaking of Popular Music, there are so many different genres and musical styles that the general public has access to, and liking a particular style or genre is wholly dependent on the perception of the audience. In Richard Middleton’s Study Popular Music, it says that popular music enabled society and was created to serve people’s needs, not artist own (1990, p.17).The impact a performer has on vocal expression, facial expression, gestures, and movement on stage, differs from individual to individual depending on their upbringing and the environment or background they come from. No one can tell what the right or wrong thing is in music performance even the critics, but they could tell which one is more appropriate in each music style (Parker, 2006). I noticed that many good musicians, who have high musical skills and techniques, are unable to convey the emotion in songs or communicate with the audience including entertaining them in the music performances as good as some performers/ entertainers, who have fewer musical skills. Thus, as a vocalist, I am interested in studying ‘The Expression in Singing Popular Music’ to develop my musical skills as a musician and expression as a performer and make the performance more interesting. To understand ‘the relationship between vocal expression, emotion, and physiology in singing performance, this study will examine how emotion, feeling, and expression of songs are portrayed in popular music performance through a performer’s voice, body language, facial expression, and gestures. I sincerely hope that this study would be useful and benefit not only musicians but also the general public.