Vocabulary learning program

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Vocabulary learning programs have been embraced by most countries especially the western countries, and they can be defined as a program that is developed to help pupils to master and learn new words with ease and faster. Additionally, vocabulary learning is important because it helps the students to refresh their minds. Most teachers prefer to give the students time to think about the new words before they can correct the meaning. This makes the students to be able to do it on their own hence aiding their comprehension. Different teachers will use different methods to make students understand the words depending on the student’s ability to comprehend (Graves,2006).
Vocabulary learning program for grade five students
This vocabulary program will focus on grade five students a class of 15 students. I have chosen this particular class since I have taught them since the third grade. The composition of the class consists of eight girls and seven boys. Most students are above average although there are some who have difficulties in comprehension of some concepts. Generally the students are able to comprehend concepts with ease. The concentration span of most students is low but this is expected because most are between the age of nine and ten years. Mostly I prefer to incorporate games while learning to make it interesting. For example, before introducing a new concept I usually read them a story on the same or perform a skit bringing out the same concept.