VisualRhetoric Analysis

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After they moved back to America, she is admitted at Evanston Township High School located in Toronto. The woes of Candy begin as a result of not knowing how the clique of ladies dress, hang out and socialize with each other.Candy makes friends with two schoolmates, Damian (Daniel Frazese) and Janis (Lizzy Caplan). They warn Candy about the girls from hell. They are a group of three ladies who skim and manipulate anyone for their own gain. Their leader is Regina. Candy was invited by Regina to their table. Janis tells her to join them. They use this as a chance to get close to them and get some information so as to use it in bringing down her campaign.Cady then learns about Regina’s notebook known as Burn Book. It has secrets, gossip and rumors about teachers and the girls. As events unfold, Regina falls in love with Cady’s ex boyfriend Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett). Cady plans to cut down her resources and ruining their relationship with Aaron. She also wants to make her friends turn against her: the wealthy Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried). As she executed her plans, she made herself to fit Regina’s clause and became superficial and spiteful. This made her end up her contacts with Damian and Janis.Cady plans a house party while her parents are away. A large crowd turns up and she expects to meet Aaron in the crowd. Unfortunately, she drinks one too many before Aaron shows up. In her state, she tries to talk to Aaron, who only just gets angered by her attitude and personality. Janis and Damian also show up and rebel against her for hiding out her characters. They take her to be worse than Regina in her habits.When Regina heard of Cady’s plot, she reveals the content in her notebook, which causes a riot among students. To calm the situation, Ron Duvall (Tim Meadows) the principal gathers the girls in the auditorium so as