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 COMPOSITION IIProf. Martin Hyatt VISUAL ARTIST RESEARCH QUESTIONSHere are some questions that you should be able to answer about your visual artist by Week 10.  Some of your answers will be a couple of sentences and some will be fuller paragraphs depending on the question.Keep in mind that section #9 is the most important of all these questions.  It is what will form your first paper. What is the most famous work/works of the visual artist?The most famous visual art of Claude Monet are “Water Lilies (Nympheas)” this series of painting consist of about 250 oil paintings.  This series was painted by Monet in his last 30 years of his life. There is “Impression, Sunrise” this painting was named by Impressionist movement, it was not taken well by the critics. There is “Rouen Cathedral Series” this series of famous paintings captures the façade of Rouen Cathedral in France at different times of the days and years and here he shows the changes with varying light conditions.  There is the “Haystacks Series”  this one refers to 25 canvas that he painted of haystacks in the fields near his home in Giverny, France. There is also the “House of Parliament Series” this a series of 19 paintings of the Palace of Westminster during his stay in London.  In this series he depict the same painting but varied according to the weather andwas f the time of the day. There is the “Poplar Series” this series consists of 24 paintings of the trees along the banks of the Epte River a few kilometers from where Monel Lives.
There is the “San Giorgio Maggiore At Dusk” this painting was from his visit to Venice which he did not want to paint because there were numerous painters that had already painted.  He was mesmerized by the sights in Venice and he knew it was painting material. There is the “Woman With A Parasol” this painting of his first wife Camille Doncieux and his oldest son Jean.  The painting has Camille holding a parasol and she is looking to the side like if someone is watching her.  Also there is “Bain A La Grenouillere” this painting is of a middle class boating and bathing resort of the times he lived.  Who were the artist’s contemporaries?Monet’s contemporaries were Marko Mavrovich who considered Monet to be one of his artistic heroes. There is Yuval Wolfson who did his first one man exhibition he called “Monet’s Garden” where he displayed 24 paintings that were of the same image.  There is Sam Park who was also inspired by nature and gardening.  There is Daniel Wall who studied Monet’s work and tried copying his paintings. There is also Duaiv he was inspired by Monet’s style. What are some of the things that made the artist’s style unique?0Monet’s style was unique because his style of impression was about nature, he tried to capture nature as it appeared to him in that moment.  He liked to experiment with light and shadow and the time of the day. He used strong colors that he did not mix. Why was this artist considered to be important?Monet’s became famous for being an initiator and leader of the Impressionist style. He was an artist that did not like to reproduce a scene he examined it in detail and attempted to record the spot as he saw it. Did the artist’s geographical background influence their work?  Did the artist’s cultural background influence their work?  (i.e. race, politics, religion, sexuality, etc) Was this artist part of any particular ‘movement’ in literature?  (i.e. modernism, romanticism, minimalism )In 1874 a group of painters, sculptors and printmakers that called themselves the Anonymous Society organized an exhibition in Paris that was what launched the movement called Impressionism.  Monet was one of his founding members. The impressionist art is a style of painting that showed the artist’s impression of a scene that they communicated through the use of light, its reflection, the short brushstrokes and how they separated the colors. Who was the artist influenced by?Monet was influenced by Eugene-Louis Boudin who encouraged him to paint rather than create caricatures. He became his mentor and taught him to oil paint and showed him the landscape painting techniques and introduced him to paint in the open air.Section #9BRAINSTORMING:In order to come up with a strong research question, please fill in the blanks, then come up with a research question that will become your thesis.I want to know why Monet was known as the father of the Imprsessionism.I want to know how much some of his paintings are worth and how much they were sold for.I want to know what motivated him to paint what he painted.Research Question/ThesisWhat further information would you like to find out about your visual artist________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________