Violent Employees

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Violent Employees Violent Employees Managers are confronted each day with issues of workplace violence. In order to minimise the chances of workplace violence in an organisation, it is crucial for managers to thoroughly screen potential employees before engaging them. Fortunately, there are signs that researchers have agreed are common among violent employees, which would help employers to know potential violent employees during recruitment process. Some of the predictors to look for when identifying potentially violent employees include: fascination with weapons, drug and substance abuse, manifestation of severe stress, history of violence and criminal records, poor personal relationship, tendency to stay aloof, inconsistent productivity, swift personality change and poor personal hygiene.
Identifying violence indicators in an employee is a step distinct from finding a lasting solution to the looming danger. After identifying a potentially violent employee, I would summon him or her to my office to investigate the issue that nags him or to discuss the behaviour manifestation that does not go well with the organisation. I would then clearly communicate anti-violence policy of the organisation to him or her and let him or her know the repercussions of such behaviour. I would make the talk as friendly as possible so as to gauge whether the employee can be helped or if there is need to part ways with him. In doing this, I would call for the opinion of other managers. If the employee promises to change, I would establish crisis management team to monitor and coach the employee, after which he or she would be dismissed if no change is observed after a given period.